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Carolyn and I love seeing what local artists are creating. That’s why we’ve selected some of the most talented artists specifically for our shop. Every artist at Eclectic Whimsy brings their own vision and personality and our customers love the variety. From pottery to handcrafted tote bags, paper art art to funky recycled art, decor and jewlery. There is a variety here that we have just not seen anywhere else! Plus, the art is always changing so stop in often to pick up one of your local favorite artists newest pieces!


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Sue Zoccoli

Junk Lover

10% OFF ALL WORKS BY Sue Zoccoli


I have been a 'junk' artist for about 4 years now. I have done various types of art in the past, painting, drawing and some pottery. I believe in recycling odds and ends into whimsical pieces of art. I have always been imaginative and creative so when I see certain pieces of 'junk' I can picture a bird or fish or an animal. The challenge is putting it all together, almost like a jig saw puzzle. I enjoy people's reaction when they realize what the pieces consist of. When I see them smile, I have accomplished my goal as an artist.